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does this sound like you?

  • “I don’t have time to take care of myself. Self care can wait, there won’t be big consequences”
  • “I’ve tried to change and nothing has worked so I should just accept I’ll never change.”
  • “If I can’t do a one hour workout then why bother?”

I can help! Let’s look at how to create a plan to make your goals a priority no matter how busy your lifestyle is.

A health coach is...

  • Someone who asks powerful questions to help you increase your confidence.  
  • Someone who unlocks your potential to live a life that really excites and empowers you.
  • Someone who inspires you to stop settling and create new/better health for yourself.
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House Cleaning
Music Lessons
Tennis Lessons
Homework assistance
Art and Crafts Lessons
Scuba Diving
Service Providers struggle to find new clients
Lacking comparison of local services
Lack of social security
Threat of rip-off
High Transaction fees
5-point scale rating is unprecise
users of digital networks are not rewarded for value creation
network users are not integrated in ownership
The Solutions
Match Making

SKILLITY functions as a peer-to-peer platform where people can offer their skills and local services for sale and connect with other users who may be interested in booking those skills and services. The platform enables users in need of such services and skills to find the best skilled people in their area to render affordable assistance within a time frame that is convenient for them. SKILLITY therefore provides match-making connections to the benefit for both of them


The platform provides smart search queries, that enable a transparent comparison of all the service offerings nearby. On this way every client can find the skill, that best fits his needs. Services can be compared for rating, feedback, location, price, experience, possible timing, and much more

Business Tools

we offer you all the business tools you need: book keeping, invoicing, file sharing, Client relationship Management and analytics on your activities. This makes your life easier and allows you to focus on your skills and services instead. Let us help you with all the administrative procedures.

Social Security

On SKILLITY, social security is provided for service providers that schedule more than 20 hours per week. This social security package includes health insurance, liability insurance, and even a pension scheme. This means that within the gig economy, which is notorious for having no social safety net, it is now possible to get the full benefit of a secure job and social welfare without sacrificing the perks of independent freelancing such as flexible working hours and arrangements and higher payments then being an employee.

Cooperative Ownership

we developed a cooperative ownership model, that integrates every user into the ownership of the network. Everybody has a say on strategic decisions and equal distribution of profits. Everything enabled, thanks to Blockchain, where shares are defined and transferred as security tokens called HEART tokens. This increases motivation, loyalty and commitment, which drives the growth of the network. Every new user, who registers on the platform will be rewarded with some free tokens in the value of around 5$. On this way and just by registering every user automatically becomes partial and cooperative owner of the platform.

Certification of Services

SKILLITY provides the additional service to certify skills. This means, that services offerings will be tested by SKILLITY employees on the validity, legality, and safety of the service offering. Personal liability will be enforced by verifying personal identities and qualifications can be verified similarly by uploading appropriate proof such as driver licenses. Finally they can be labelled as "certified" and proof a minimum level of security to the potential clients. This certification is voluntary for skill providers but helps them to stand out by proofing the compliance of service quality requirements.

Escrow Function

Escrow, is a feature, which guarantees that all contracts are executed completely and satisfactorily. Escrow means, that the payment from the customer is hold back by the platform and released only, when the service is carried out by the provider. Barring this, funds are immediately refunded to the buyer. This prevents a scenario where a skill provider bills a customer for non-existent or unsatisfactory work and incentivizes the service providers to carry out the service without betraying or cheating their Clients.

Precise and Fun ratings

Rating and Review will add transparency and comparability about the service quality. The uniqueness about SKILLITYs Rating system is the precise and emotions-based rating by emojis. Client give emojis for rating and can see the rating of a service in terms of a emoji-summary rating. On this way, emotions are better reflected and service quality be measured on a more precise level than with the traditional star rating.

Low Transaction Fees

We charge NO fee for rebookings (For every repeat booking done by the same clients for the same provider). Hence here is no point of skip any platform fees as fees are only charged for initial matches, that represent real and additional value for both parties.

Multi Level Referral culture

Invite your friends and get increasing rewards the more people you refer. Moreover you enjoy totally free transaction fee-based bookings with exactly those people. On top of all these bonuses you will also enjoy free transaction fee-basekd bookings for all the referrals of your referred persons. This applies until the second layer of your referral tree!

Our market research reveals customer love
60% and more worry about service quality.
67% potential market share.
38% of respondents are very willing to transact service bookings in HEART Tokens
More users are interested in offering services
The most demanded Skills are: construction works, Cleaning, Tutoring and Photography
The most demanded features are: Ratings, Social security, Escrow function and cooperative ownership