Topics Katrina Speaks On

Why we crave it and how to kick the habit for good!

Emotional Eating
Why we sabotage ourselves.
Proven strategies on how to overcome emotional eating for good.

Diabetes and the Blood Sugar Roller Coaster
Learn how to double your energy by lowering your blood glucose levels naturally.

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Group Coaching for Businesses
Katrina will coach groups of 4-8 at your office.

Her 90 day program, “INCREASING ENERGY AND FOCUS IN THE WORKPLACE”, focuses on healthy lifestyle, stress management, energy and weight loss. This program produces great results through consistent daily accountability among the group participants and a weekly 1.5 hr. Group Coaching session.

This program will help members increase productivity and focus.

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1-1 Private Coaching
Weekly 1 hr phone sessions focused entirely on you.

Looking for a powerful way to transform your life? This coaching experience is for you. Weekly 1 hr phone sessions help you overcome personal obstacles and accomplish BIG goals. You can expect high level accountability and encouragement paired with just the right amount of tough love coach thrown in for good measure!

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